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5 Tools To Create Online Store With WordPress

Tool To Create Online Store Website With WordPress - E-Commerce - Currently CMS WordPress has become the most popular in the world, the number of users has been very much left other CMS such as Joomla or Drupal.

WordPress is not only used for blogging, but almost any kind of website can be made using WordPress, including buying and selling online store website or e-commerce.

There are a lot of tools that can be integrated with wordpress that could serve as a wordpress website online trading. Here we summarize some additional tools or plug-ins in order to make e-commerce website using wordpress.


WooCommerce arguably plugin nicest to make buying and selling site online using WordPress, inter-face which is nice, there are many themes, as well as its feature that could be considered complete, also available various addon in addition that complements the features WooCommerce as plugins e-commerce wordpress numbers the current one.

Cart66 Lite

Cart66 Lite makes you easier to make a sale using WordPress. Popular features of Cart66 includes the ability to sell a physical product, digital and even services. You can easily put the products on each page or post, is also available plenty of choice of payment methods.


Jigoshop is a wordpress plugin for e-commerce that offers the code that is light enough, many using wordpress build-in functions such as custom post type.

WP E-Commerce

WP E-commerce is one of the e-commerce wordpress plugin that is very well known, also made long enough, you could say the initial generation of buying and selling sites using wordpress, its use is very easy, also available many choices of payment methods.


eShop including e-commerce plugin rather simple for WordPress, light as many using wordpress build-in functionality. Probably not the best ecommerce plugin, but it could be a solution for those who want to sell some products only. eShop allows you to set some options for the product, provide statistics store.
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