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Tutorial How to Create Online Store in Blogger Free

Although I have indicated quite clearly yesterday with weakness makes online store blogger, there is still forced me to make a tutorial on how to create an online store blogger.

Okay okay, because you are forced ...
Creating an online store at Blogger was easy enough, does not need to use plugins, you only need install theme (template) blogger.
Listing process of the products is also relatively easy. Certainly not as simple as the process of listing products in
WooCommerce super simple, but still quite easy because all you need is enter product details in HTML templates that have been provided.
Without wearing a lot of talk, just deh ...
For the process of making an online store, will I divide into 3 parts, the first is the process Pengan-install templates blogger (blogspot), the second is the process of product listing (featuring
products and details such as price and others in the online store), and the third is the process
payment system.

Preparation: Create a Google Account and login

Of course you need to log in to make a Blogger account in advance if you want to create an online store on blogger!
You can easily create an account on Blogger by following this tutorial video: Video How To Create Account Google Account.
Afterwards, create a blog on Blogger. See the tutorial here: How to Make a Blog on Blogger. Already? Continue to the next step ...

# 1 Install Blogger Templates Online Store

You can find a free blogger template which is dedicated to the online store. On the stage
This, I assume your blog is already finished and ready to change into an online store.
Note: This tutorial uses the setting of the English language because I think sounds strange for a tutorial. Now in your Blogger Dashboard, click the name of your blog that you just created


Afterwards, see below, in the sidebar. Locate the template with a paintbrush icon. * Sorry no arrows, I forgot nambahin.

Then, click on the top right, Backup / Restore.

Until this point, you will make the process of uploading blogger template. Well, of course you should has used its online store template donk ... If you do not have an online store template blogger nice, my acquaintance, Rifki Aria Gumelar has designed an online store template beautiful and ciamik, with enough features complete and advanced to the category of online stores blogspot free. You can download on his website Om Agus Ramadhani (which helped popularize the theme This) directly: Blogger Store v2 Or download here: Blogger Store v2 Mirror (my server). After that, extract the ZIP file newly you are downloading, locate the file extension XML (bloggerstore-v2.xml). * Do not forget read more read it. Back to your blogger dashboard, window as shown below will opens after you click Backup / Restore. Click Browse and locate the file named bloggerstore-v2.xml, click Upload. If you do it right, you will see your template already replaced with a new online store template You are ciamik.Klik View Site in section above to see the blog (online store) a new you. # 2 Adds Products to Store Online Blogger You Okay, the template is installed. But it will feel 'Hollow' alias vacancies because it is not our the contents of anything ...

Now it's time to add products in our new online shop Blogger. Lucky for you, it is very easy to add products in the online store ini.Klik only New Post button in your dashboard.

Ubah “link ke gambar anda” dengan link beneran yang mengarah ke gambar produk anda. Upload gambar ke Blogger seperti biasa dan salin URL gambar anda ke bagian ini. “$10.00″ ubah dengan harga produk anda. “Tas punggung pink cantik dengan kualitas terbaik, simple dan plain, cocok untuk tas sekolah anak, bla-bla-bla…” ubah dengan deskripsi mengenai produk anda. Selesai? Kini berikan Label, label “Backpack” saya gunakan dalam contoh kasus saya.Kemudian klik “Publish“! Jika semuanya berjalan lancar, seharusnya anda akan melihat hal yang kurang lebih seperti ini. Hm… terlihat agak sepi yah… Tentu saja, karena masih satu produk yang ditambahkan ke toko online anda.Anda harus tambahkan lebih banyak produk lagi agar toko online anda tampak lebih bagus.

Hm ... much better. I leave it entirely to your customization process. This is the reason why I am lazy dealing with bloggers lagi.Sangat-very troublesome and hands should be dirty with code I do not understand. Hahahahaha .... # 3 Payment Process There are disadvantages of online stores Blogger, the first is the currency depending on currency supported by PayPal.Benar, our online store over using PayPal as a process pembayaran.Yang means not support the rupiah currency for the time being. Can if we want to sell products with the rupiah currency? Can. But there was no process checkout to you. And to my knowledge, the consequence is a shopping cart at the top right of the going pointless. Order process is done manually by bank transfer, let me know how to order your visitors can make an order for your product. For example order via email or SMS. To the idea of ​​the payment process, you can read my post or see my video where I show you how I made the booking information very clearly in sidebar my online store: Video Tips & Tricks Online Store Professional. For the setup process if you want to use the facility of payment through PayPal,

please refer to the documentation of mas Rifki Aria Gumelar in his own blog: And I think, enough of this post ... I am sure by now you already know how to step by step create an online store in Blogger. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not ask me.I do not know ... I just wrote this tutorial, and honestly I do not know much about the customization of websites Blogger.Saya more comfortable using WordPress and WooCommerce to create a store on line. If you want to create an online store without the hassle, the above link will take you to the eCourse free of me that will guide you how to create an online store professional use WordPress. Ten free video on almost everything you need to build an online store your professional waiting for you there ... Seriously, click here: And ... finally thanks for reading up to here. If you like this tutorial, or you think that family, acquaintances, or friends may benefit from this post, let me know with me-LIKE this page button on the side and below. I would greatly appreciate it. As usual, the smart greetings!
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