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This trick Shop Online Only Time 15 Minutes

The intention is not enough to build your online business. Necessary action to execute. Sometimes, you have excellent planning to build this business from scratch. However, do not get too high expectations for planning only makes you hesitate and give up before the fight.

Therefore, think of your business plan coherently. Ranging from how to determine the target market, finding products to sell, and other basic things you need to know to build your online business starting from scratch.

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Once you know enough about the basis for starting an online business, it is time for you to execute. Online businesses will only be able to run with the maximum if you have an online store. That's the key! So, be prepared to follow the following guidelines, related to how to open an online store in just 15 minutes!

First, you can choose the media platform that you will use to shop online. Many websites that offer online store platform. For example such as Magneto, BigCommerce, and Shopify. However, the following guidelines will explain how to use Shopify as a platform to build your online store.

Step 1: Sign up to Shopify

Obviously, to use the platform Shopify online store, then before you must register first. Fortunately, at Shopify you do not need to pay for is still in the exploratory stage (experimental). By simply entering an email address, then you can try using the platform Shopify online shop for 14 days and feel whether this platform is the right thing for you.

After filling the email address, it will display another form that requires you to fill in your email address, password, and the name of your online store. You need to remember, that later you can rename your online store (only as initial requirements). Once everything is filled in, then click the 'Create your store' to continue.

Wait a few seconds for the system to respond to your online store. Furthermore, the system will offer if you want to open an online store or POS Retail Shopify. However, if you want to create your own online store, then select the 'Online Store'.

On the next page, enter your full name, address, and contact information that can be contacted. This will help determine the Shopify standard currency and rates. If so, then click 'next' to continue.

Then, Shopify will ask you to describe your business. This will only help them get the information to assist you in getting customers, so Shopify can help you and improve your online store system in the future. Decide how long you are selling, how much you plan to create an online store. And if you make this online store for one of your clients. These questions you will encounter.

If all the forms have been filled in, then click on the 'Enter my store' to continue.

Step 2: Launch Online Store

If you succeed in two stages to this, then you will see the dashboard of your online store through Shopify. When viewing a dashboard early, then you will feel more familiar. Yes, the initial view is very looks similar to WordPress.

You now have three steps to start selling online. To begin with, scroll down a bit and click on the 'Add Product'. Starting from here, you are required to give details of your first product.

In this tutorial, will be cited by selling smartphone Samsung Grand Prime. If the product has been very clear, now is the time to enter the title, description, type of product, and vendors, as well as upload images of products. Remember, do not forget to add too few tags are still associated with your product to help people search for your product based on things such as color, size, and other things.

This is the time when you are entered to describe your product description. For that, fill in the prices comparison if necessary, SKU numbers, tax info, and many others. In fact, this also includes an area to manage your inventory (If you have a product with a limited number). Change the option 'off' if you have a few options, so you can also include information such things as the color and size of your product.

The next step, is closely related to SEO and visibility. For that, use SEO Default, and fill in title, as well as metadescription accordance with the description of your product. Then, tell the system that you want your products can be viewed by the world. After that, click 'save product'.

Once this step is completed, it will be returned to your dashboard page, and click on the 'edit your theme' to customize the look of your website.

In this step, it is totally up to you kretivitas. It depends on how you want to design the look of your online store front and make it look attractive. As a recommendation, start by uploading the image to your logo and change the color standard website to coordinate with the color composition logo online shop that had previously been set up.

You can also click another tab to change the appearance of other things, such as the homepage, product page, footer, and checkout.

Once you are free to express in a variety of settings that you try, and not really sure of the settings you previously selected, then click preview in new window to see the look of your online store.

You can also click the 'Visit the Theme Store' to take the link for free or premium themes that had been prepared for you.

After selecting a theme that you feel is right, then click the 'publish change' and return to the dashboard.

For a while, the shop you are able to walk. However, you still use the domain name belongs to Shopify as '' Actually, this does not affect the performance of your online store. Just to add to the credibility of the online store that you just wake up, it's good you have to buy a domain to indicate that the online store you are actually bona fide.

For that, you can click 'Setup Domain' to get started.

You have to choose whether you want to register a new domain name or you just want to register it. This means, you have to pay your credit card. If you choose to register a new domain, then you just have to search for the domain name until absolutely no use. Furthermore, staying confirm a purchase using your credit card.

You have to choose whether you want to register a new domain name or you just want to register it. This means, you have to pay your credit card. If you choose to register a new domain, then you just have to search for the domain name until absolutely no use. Furthermore, staying confirm a purchase using your credit card.

After everything is finished, then you can go back to the dashboard and can begin to launch your online store. Obviously, Shopify will ask you to select a plan after the trial period ends.

Step 3: Manage Payment Prose

While you've been doing a series of setup for your new online store, but still you have to understand the system of payment, if later there is an order from the customer. Click the 'Settings' and select 'Payments' which is located on the left side of your dashboard. Select the default option on Shopify Payments.

Click Payments Shopify account settings to configure settings such as SSN, how many orders, even to information on bank accounts for payment later.

You also have the option to process payments such as PayPal, BitPay, or GoCoin. If you've experienced using the payment system of one of them, then it does not hurt to try. However, personally recommend to select the option Shopify. This is because, Shopify will work perfectly with the entire system and is based on many opinions, you will get better support directly through Shopify. By this, it means you do not have to deal with two separate companies.
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